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Protection from floods, leaks, drips, spills and condensation

How to use
Absorbeez bags.

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Instructions for Use

1. Remove only the required Absorbeez bags from the

2A. To help prevent ingress of water into an area, place
Absorbeez bags at the door or entrance to the area you want
to protect.

The Absorbeez bags will absorb the water and expand on
contact. In the case of high or rising water levels, place
another bag on top of the first.

It is not recommended to build above a height of two bags.


2B. To contain an escape of water, place Absorbeez bags at
the source of the escape or close to it, or place in already escaped
water, and the Absorbeez bags will absorb the water
and expand on contact.

With gloves on your hands, carefully move the
Absorbeez bags around to absorb standing water as needed.


3. Once Absorbeez bags have been used and are full of water,
dispose of them as soon as possible, following
local disposal guidelines. Exposure to floodwater can be hazardous
to health, therefore use gloves when handling activated
Absorbeez bags and keep bystanders away.


Instructions for Storage

Store Absorbeez bags in original packaging, indoors and in
dry conditions at all times, out of the reach of children.

Do not store near open flames or sources of ignition.


Safety Precautions

To minimize the risk of injury, take the following precautions:

- Absorbeez bags can become heavy once activated. Use
good lifting techniques and appropriate mechanical aids.

- Absorbeez bags can be slippery and unstable, and present
a trip hazard. Do not step or walk on them.

- If absorbent core material spills or leaks, sweep up
immediately and do not walk on it. Core material can be
extremely slippery. Ingestion may present a choking hazard.
In addition, the core material may result in eye irritation if it
gets into the eye.

- Plastic packaging used with the bag presents a suffocation

- Do not leave children unsupervised around Absorbeez bags
or their packaging.