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Protection from floods, leaks, drips, spills and condensation

Your first line
of defence
against water

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Absorbeez - Solutions to help stop flooding, absorb leaks and protect your home or business.

Absorbeez offer the strongest, best designed and largest range of water
absorbent bags and pads for flood defence. They can absorb an incredible
amount of water.

Absorbeez offer a wide range of sizes and are great for a myriad of
applications. They are a light, sandless alternative to sandbags, can help
contain leaks and drips, and absorb spills and condensation at source,
preventing damage and disruption to your home or business.

Absorbeez flood and water-absorbent products are manufactured to a high
specification giving them the edge in terms of performance. Our high-quality
hand-woven range comes with a unique rip, drip and burst-resistant outer
covering, and a high-spec super-absorbent core material.

Absorbeez can help keep your home dry and your business open, seriously
mitigating damage. Flooding can happen quickly and unexpectedly.
Always have Absorbeez handy.



Make sure you have Absorbeez around the home -

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Radiator leaks, burst pipes,
dripping taps, leaking appliances,
overflowing sinks and toilets cause
severe damage if left. Using
Absorbeez instead of a bucket or
towels will help you to minimize any
potential damage, and will also allow
you to keep your property and
contents safe and dry until the source
of the leak can be located and
repaired. For those instant spills and
drips that often occur, Absorbeez will
act quickly and efficiently to absorb
the liquid and protect your valuable


- Leave them for extended periods until they're
full. Easier than refilling buckets!

- Absorb up to 30 ltrs (63 US Pts) of water with
a single bag to stop flooding spreading through
your home.

- Specially designed, cost-effective solutions
for condensation, drips and leaks.


Absorbeez can protect your home
from flooding from storms, rivers and
burst pipes, potentially saving the loss
of valuable personal belongings and
months spent in alternative
accommodation whilst your home is

They are much lighter and far easier
to deploy and dispose of than
sandbags, and our unique wide range
of sizes will provide a more effective
flood barrier and provide a better
flood prevention solution for your


- Maximum strength even in extreme flood

- Unique single and double-door sizes plus
Booms for larger spaces, driveways, patios.


Flooding or leaking problems. Are you ready for any emergency?

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“It shall be the duty of every employer to
ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable,
the health, safety and welfare at work of all
his employees.”
UK Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

“The employer shall have a duty to ensure the
safety and health of workers in every aspect
related to the work.”
European Directive (89/391/EEC)

“Each employer shall furnish to each of his
employees employment and a place of
employment which are free from recognized
hazards that are causing or are likely to cause
death or serious physical harm to his
USA OSH Act of 1970

Spills, leaks and drips are hazards that
can affect all businesses. Help show
you’ve taken steps to comply with your
country’s regulations. Absorbeez may
help prevent people slipping at your place
of work where ingress of water may have
caused a hazard.


In outdoor use Absorbeez may be used
for protecting commercial premises in
flood situations. Our double door size
and roll-out booms can protect longer
lengths within your premises.

Some estimates put the average cost of
flooding to a business at around

The new Flood Re-insurance scheme in
the UK does not include businesses.
The need for flood protection to keep
insurance premiums down, aside from
preventing the cost in lost revenue after
a flood and the long restoration phase,
has never been higher.


- Absorbeez offer unrivaled strength and
durability and will keep floodwater out of your
business much better than sandbags.

- We offer the largest range of sizes.

- Easier and quicker to deploy than sandbags

Special Uses

We can supply custom solutions specific to your needs

Contact us to discuss NOW.


Our absorbent bags are excellent in
reducing cost and downtime relating
to flooding from rain, burst mains or
plumbing leaks. Absorbeez are also
used for a number of industry
-specific applications.

With different styles of bag, capacities,
sizes and absorbency specifications,
there is a custom absorbent solution
waiting for your business.

With low minimum-order quantities for
custom products, contact us now to
see how Absorbeez could help give
you the edge, improve your service
and help to make your business more

Contact us now to discuss your
Custom Order.


Absorbeez is the original sandless
sandbag and has a long history of
trusted use in the public sector, to
whom we offer generous discounts.

When it comes to applications for
use by the public sector and local
authorities there is no other range
of products that offer a combination
of sizes, superior
performance, strength, flexibility
or cost effectiveness as Absorbeez.

Whether you are a local authority,
fire service, hospital or the police,
Absorbeez can increase your
efficiency, save you time and money.


- Cost-effective compared to traditional

- Big public-sector discounts.

- Easy to store, transport and dispose of.