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Absorbeez - the strongest, best performing absorbent products.
THE sandbag replacement that acts as a flood barrier
The best flood protection products you can buy

Flooding has become a
major problem worldwide.
That’s why we developed
The most effective flood
prevention products available

Power Sorb

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Absorbeez - Solutions to stop flooding and
protect your property wherever you are.

Absorbeez manufacture a range of water absorbent products. They absorb
more water than anything else we know.


Developed by Action Dry - an innovative and professional flood and fire
damage mitigation specialist, we designed a range of products originally
engineered for use in damage mitigation and flooding. We then developed
them as a range of flood defence barriers for a myriad of applications where
industry standard flood bags and absorbent products were demanded.


Absorbeez flood and water absorbent products are manufactured to a
specification far ahead of anything else available in terms of performance
and cost effectiveness. And, they are available in a range of sizes.


Always be prepared for the possibility of a flood.


Absorbeez could help you to keep your property dry and save you
thousands of pounds.


Flood Control - no other bag can absorb so much water.


Absorbeez have been used extensively as a flood defence method in both
commercial and domestic situations.


Used by councils, fire brigades and flood emergency services in situations
where flood waters have threatened areas, Absorbeez bags have become
an important factor in flood control and our fight to stop flooding.


How to stop flooding - a simple guide.


You can help to stop flooding to your home by laying a line of Absorbeez
bags across the most vulnerable entrances. To stop flooding to garages, lay
one of our 7250mm booms across the entrance or a series of 1800mm
bags. A good method to stop flooding to the basement is to lay Absorbeez
bags across the top of the steps leading down and at the access point to
the basement itself where our 1000mm bags would do the job. To stop a
flooding loft, where water is entering by way of a leak in the roof, lay several
Absorbeez 600mm bags under the area where the leak is and they will
absorb the water and save you possible £ thousands in an insurance claim.


Protect your home from flooding.


With a range of bags from 100mm to 7250mm booms we are the only
company who can supply a bag most suitable for the job. Use just one
Absorbeez bag where you would need two or three from another company,
or traditional sandbags, proving that our bags not only absorb more water,
but are also much more cost effective. So, when it comes to house flood
protection, we are the number 1 choice.


Solutions to stop flooding - we have so many.


It’s not just our range that can offer so many solutions to flooding problems,
it is also the performance and quality of our flood and absorbent products
that makes the difference. We use the highest quality core material that is
welded together in layers which insures that our bags are well balanced
and do not send all the absorbent material to one end. We use a special
stretch fabric for our bags which is able to absorb huge amounts of water
and stretch as the bag expands - without losing shape. We double stitch the
bags so that they won’t break under the stress of so much water - they are
so strong, you can drive a car over them. Absorbeez are the only product
on the market with a hand-stitched, anti-rip, drip and burst-resistant woven
covering that stretches as the bag expands.


Quality absorbent products - the best way to help in flood prevention.





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New Absorbeez booms for fridge/freezers. click here





Absorbeez manufacture the largest range of
quality water absorbent bags, rolls and pads.

Better performance
Commercial quality

Range of sizes
Cost effective

Environmentally friendly
Insurance recognised

New and exclusive! A1 Power Sorb
The New Solution for Oil Spills


A1 Power Sorb is Absorbeez’s new, environmentally
safe granular-absorbent powder. It is perfect for
absorbing the oil-based and more viscous spills that
absorbant bags cannot handle.


You can use it to pick up alcohols, bodily fluids, caustics,
mineral acids (not hydrofluoric), paint, petroleum-based
fluids, toxins and solvents. Best of all, it is not injurious to
asphalt, cement, carpet, tiles, soil, animal or plant life.


A1 Power Sorb comes in manageable 5kg sacks, with
30 litres of powder and is easy to use.


click here for more info on Power Sorb

You can purchase A1 Power Sorb from our online shop.

New Absorbeez Booms for
Commercial Fridge/Freezers

Another new innovation from Absorbeez.
Better performance and lower cost for supermarkets
and retailers everywhere.


Absorbeez Booms are designed to catch drips from
commercial fridges and freezers and keep floors safe
and dry. Achieving far higher performance levels than
anything else available on the market our booms are
also less expensive and may be purchased at our
online shop.


click here for information on Absorbeez Booms


So many uses!


There are so many uses for Absorbeez, so
here are a few to help you choose where you
may need them to prevent that flood:


Burst pipes
Leaking toilet
Leaking bath
Leaking taps
Leaking radiators

Leaking roof
Leaking sink
Leaking dishwasher
Leaking washing machine
Leaks from the ceiling


Absorbeez products are fully
insurance company recognized


Sandbags? Think again!
Welcome to the 21st

Sandbags! Why is anyone still
using them?

Absorbeez are the modern replacement for sandbags.
Easy to use straight from the pack, no filling with sand and
easy to store flat.


Absorbeez help to STOP the water flow - sandbags just
can’t do that. Absorbeez are commercially strong, durable
and available in many sizes. Sandbags are labour intensive
and don’t absorb water. Is there any real choice?