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Absorbeez - the best flood protection products you can buy
“The original and the best” - don’t accept cheap copies!

There has never been anything quite
like Absorbeez water absorbents.
Invented in 1994 by Action Dry Ltd - - an innovative
and professional flood and fire
damage mitigation specialist, we
designed a range of products that were
originally engineered for use in the
damage mitigation industry and flooding
then later developed to encompass a
range of flood defence and specialist
commercial absorbent applications.


Absorbeez products are manufactured
to a specification that is far ahead of
anything else available in terms of
performance and cost effectiveness.


Always be prepared for the possibility
of a flood. Don’t leave it too late!
Because Absorbeez could help you to
keep your property dry and save you
thousands of pounds.


Absorbeez products are fully
insurance company recognized


Flooding has become a
major problem worldwide.
And it's not going to change.
That's why we developed

Sandbags! Why are
we still using them?


Absorbeez are the modern
absorbent sandbag alternative.
Easy to use straight from the pack,
no filling with sand and easy to
store flat. Absorbeez help to STOP
the water flow - sandbags just
can’t do that. Absorbeez are
commercially strong, durable and
available in many sizes.


Better performance
Range of sizes
Commercial quality
Environmentally friendly


Sandbags? Think again!
Welcome to the 21st century.

Sandbags? Expensive, labour intensive, outdated!

Absorbeez manufacture the largest range of
quality water absorbent bags, rolls and pads.

So many uses!

New Absorbeez Booms for
Commercial Fridge/Freezers

Another new innovation
from Absorbeez.
Engineered for better
performance and lower cost
for supermarkets and
retailers everywhere.

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Absorbeez for domestic applications. click here

Absorbeez for council applications. click here

Absorbeez flood products. click here

New Absorbeez booms for fridge/freezers. click here


New and exclusive! A1 Power Sorb
Your Exciting New Solution for Oil Spills


A1 Power Sorb is Absorbeez's new, environmentally
safe granular-absorbent powder. It is perfect for absorbing
the oil-based and more viscous spills that Absorbeez
bags cannot handle.

You can use it to pick up alcohols, bodily fluids,
caustics, mineral acids (not hydrofluoric), paint,
petroleum-based fluids, toxins and solvents.
Best of all, it is not injurious to asphalt, cement,
carpet, tiles, soil, animal or plant life.

It is a must-have for decorators, emergency services, facilities managers,
mechanics and restaurants to name just a few.
A1 Power Sorb comes in manageable 5kg sacks, with 30 litres of powder and
is easy to use. Just surround the spill and then use a broom to work the
powder into the spill. Then clear up with a dustpan and brush. Please
download our user guide for more comprehensive instructions and tips.


You can obtain A1 Power Sorb from our online shop.
P.S. Do not use A1 Power Sorb with hydrofluoric acid. Lethal fumes may be produced.
Please click here to download the user guide.

Click here to download the safety data sheet.


Absorbeez - as selected by
DULUX Paints to distribute
their sample packs of paint